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16.07.23 | by rapidbounce 4 Min Read

Unleashing Mobile Rates and Mobile-First Strategy: Capturing the Tech-Savvy Traveler and Boosting Your Bookings with rapidbounce

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In today's tech-driven world, smartphones have become our constant companions, revolutionizing numerous sectors, including the hotel industry. The modern traveller, equipped with a mobile device, can plan and book their journey from virtually anywhere. This burgeoning trend of mobile-savvy and last-minute travellers presents us with an opportunity to redefine our approach with a focus on 'mobile rates' and a 'mobile-first' strategy.

Mobile rates, or mobile-only prices, are exclusive discounts we offer to guests booking via a mobile device. This strategy is devised to cater to the growing tide of potential guests who prefer to make their travel arrangements on their phones. While mobile rates are gaining traction on popular booking platforms like Booking.com and Expedia, their true potential unfurls when implemented on your hotel's official website.

Establishing a mobile rate strategy on your hotel's official website serves multiple purposes. It not only provides a channel for direct bookings, significantly reducing distribution costs [commonly known as commissions], but it also fosters a sense of brand loyalty. Furthermore, considering that approximately 70% of last-minute bookings are made on mobile devices, we are poised to seize these spur-of-the-moment booking opportunities through enticing mobile rates.

However, offering mobile rates alone isn't enough. To ensure an optimized guest experience, we need a mobile-first strategy coupled with a lightning-fast website.

A mobile-first website is designed primarily with mobile users in mind. We ensure that all features, functionalities, and design elements of your website are optimized for mobile viewing and navigation. This strategy becomes increasingly critical when considering that Google now prioritizes mobile-friendly sites in its search rankings.

At rapidbounce, we offer end-to-end support to flawlessly execute both of these strategies. Our services, ranging from creative design to advanced development, ensure your website is not just mobile-first, but also fast, intuitive, and visually engaging.

Our platform, built on the robust Google Cloud Platform [GCP], provides an infrastructure that delivers unrivalled speed and performance, resulting in a lightning-fast website that minimizes the chances of potential guests abandoning their booking due to slow loading times.

Furthermore, our sophisticated yield management tactics help you strike the perfect balance between rates and discounts. By scrutinizing market trends, competitor pricing, and guest booking behaviours, our data science team assists in determining the best times to offer mobile rates and the optimal discount level for maximum returns.

Moreover, we seamlessly integrate our platform with Steganomos, the all-in-one cloud-native platform for hotels and accommodation properties, ensuring real-time synchronization of rates and availability across all third-party booking channels. This means your mobile rates can be instantly updated across all channels based on real-time data, maximizing occupancy and revenue.

As we navigate through the era of digital nomads and spontaneous travel planners, a mobile rate strategy coupled with a mobile-first website is key to reaching a broader user base. By aligning our offerings with the preferences of the tech-savvy, mobile-dependent demographic, we not only gain increased bookings but also heightened guest satisfaction.

With rapidbounce's comprehensive digital hospitality support, cutting-edge infrastructure, and data science expertise, we are successfully tapping into the mobile revolution. It's time to evolve and transform your property's digital presence with our mobile-first approach and enticing mobile rates. The future of travel is mobile, and with rapidbounce, we're leading the way!

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