Feel free to focus on treating your customers. We take full care of your digital presence.
Feel free to focus on treating your customers. We take full care of your digital presence.
Let's discover your business’s optimum productivity.
Let's discover your business’s optimum productivity.
We elevate your online revenue and overall performance.
We elevate your online revenue and overall performance.

We help you attract the right customers, at the right moment, at the right price. We take care of the digital discommode.

We do e-business management and consulting. We help our partners from various industries, such as hospitality and tourism, sports and retail, focus on satisfying their clients by taking integral care of their online presence.

We are experts in understanding your needs, your competitive advantages and your customers’ needs. We ask, we assess, we assist, we analyze and we advise you in order to optimize your revenue and performance. We build trust between your property and your customers. We create and enhance your digital presence.

We are humble and confident, calm and alert, bold and kind, disciplined and freewheeling, and result-oriented with attention to detail. Our team consists of:

  • Tourism experts

  • Operation gurus

  • IT ninjas

  • Digital Marketing prophets

  • Graphic Design oracles

Our team’s vision is to help you focus on your clients’ satisfaction. And isn’t that what your business should all be about? We take care of the digital hassle.

Hospitality eBusiness Management

| 01.

Hospitality eBusiness Management

We shine a spotlight on your competitive advantages and work hand-by-hand with you to grow your business and revenue.

Hospitality eBusiness Consulting

| 02.

Hospitality eBusiness Consulting

With a hands-on approach, we co-work with you in order to grow your business to its highest potential.

Revenue Management

| 03.

Revenue Management

Planning a long-term strategy for the best return on investment.
- Reduction of third party supplies
- Increased competitiveness
- Differentiation / Optimization of Room Types
- Destination analysis & Competition analysis
- Pricing Strategy
- Never-Ending Yield Management to earn higher rates of profit.


IT Support

| 04.

IT Support

- Website Development
- Mobile-first Website Design
- Absolute website performance across devices
- Website Support
- Website Hosting
- Email Support & Hosting

Offline / Online Marketing

| 05.

Offline / Online Marketing

Designing and Creating your Brand Name
- Brand Name Enhancement
- Logo Design
- Content Creation & Copywriting
- Professional Photography / Videography
- Google Ads
- Social Media


| 06.


- Data mining & Analysis
- Universal Google Analytics
- Google Tag Manager
- Google Ads
- Revenue Reporting
- Google Products Reporting [i.e. UGA, GTM, GA]


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 I would like to thank rapidbounce for their support through all these years of co-operation! Their work on our webpage as well as their internet marketing campaigns have really made a huge difference to our business, increasing our online reputation & income. At the same time, their suggested strategies, willingness of making new projects possible and continuous work offer a stable basis for future growth!

The company we work with [rapidbounce] is very good because they can do whatever is needed. I am one of the owners of the lodge. There is excellent cooperation with everyone at rapidbounce, starting from Achilleas and extending to the rest of the team.

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