Panagiotis Skarlas - Unleashing Potential and Streamlining Collaboration with Google Workspace's Pooled Storage and rapidbounce

20.07.23 | by Panagiotis 3 Min Read

Unleashing Potential and Streamlining Collaboration with Google Workspace's Pooled Storage and rapidbounce


Google Workspace is taking significant strides in its storage model by moving from per-user storage to pooled storage. This innovative feature allows all storage to be shared across the organization, rather than allocated to each individual user. This is a groundbreaking change available to all Google Workspace plans and one that rapidbounce, a Google Workspace partner, is delighted to facilitate for your business.

In particular, pooled storage proves to be a game-changer for small businesses and beyond. Often in these organizations, storage usage is unevenly distributed, with some team members quickly maxing out their storage quota, while others use only a fraction of their allocated storage.

The previously unavoidable discrepancies led businesses to pay for additional storage for certain users, while unused storage allocated to others went to waste. Pooled storage, however, allows businesses to manage their storage as a collective resource. It not only balances storage needs across the team but also prevents resource wastage.

The benefits don't stop at simplified resource management. Pooled storage also leads to significant cost savings. Companies now have the flexibility to distribute storage as needed across their team. This allows businesses to better align their storage costs with their actual usage instead of paying for underused storage space.

But how does rapidbounce factor into this exciting change? As a Google Workspace partner, we offer a plethora of services, including helping businesses transition to and leverage pooled storage. By sharing storage across all users, businesses can eliminate wasted storage space, leading to considerable cost savings and improved collaboration.

Our team at rapidbounce can help you:

1️⃣ Assess your current storage needs and determine the best way to implement pooled storage.
2️⃣ Understand your current storage usage and identify areas where you can save money.
3️⃣ Help migrate your data to pooled storage and configure your settings for optimal use.
4️⃣ Provide support and training on how to use pooled storage to enhance collaboration.

Notably, pooled storage brings along additional benefits such as centralized management, enhanced security, and increased scalability. IT administrators can more efficiently manage storage resources, enforce data access policies for improved security, and easily scale storage needs as your business grows.

With rapidbounce's expert assistance, your business can successfully navigate the digital transformation journey, leveraging Google Workspace's pooled storage to its maximum potential. We're committed to helping your business excel and would love to answer any queries about pooled storage and its benefits.

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