Elena Sinopoulou - Why is Emotional Intelligence so important and how it can affect our lives?

19.12.20 | by Elena 2 Min Read

Why is Emotional Intelligence so important and how it can affect our lives?

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One could say that our success is based on the relationships we create with others, and emotions are the key to achieving that. According to Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize our own emotions and thoughts, and the way we manage them can help us to understand better other people’s feelings and build stronger relationships with them. Emotional intelligence can be cultivated from a very young age and is linked to better performance. It gives us the tools to manage our mood, it helps our relationships, whether personal or professional, and it’s a key to leadership success.

Goleman’s 4 key elements of EQ:

1. Self-Awareness -  the ability to recognize our emotions, our thoughts, our needs, and our behavior. 
2. Self-Management - the ability to regulate your emotions, thoughts, and behavior in different situations.
3. Social Awareness - the ability to understand other people’s emotions, behavior and recognize their point of view. 
4. Relationship Management- the ability to build successful relationships with others by inspiring and influencing them

How do emotions affect the brain?

According to research on brain function, humans are said to have 3 brains: the head-brain, the heart-brain, and the gut-brain, which allow us to think, feel and act.

  • The Head-Brain or Neocortex is responsible for the development of human language, abstract thought, imagination, and consciousness.
  • The Heart-Brain or Limbic System supports a variety of functions including emotions, behavior, motivation, memory and human senses
  • The Gut-Brain or Reptile Brain controls the body’s vital functions (heart rate, breathing, body temperature, and balance) and is responsible for our instincts and intuition. 

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