Evangelia Irakleidi - Winter Business Boost with Booking.com

31.01.23 | by Evangelia 3 Min Read

Winter Business Boost with Booking.com


If you have ever planned a holiday, chances are you used Booking.com to make reservations for rooms, flights, car rentals or even airport taxis. We, rapidbounce, as a company that offers premium digital hospitality services, are partnered with Booking.com and value both its B2B and B2C components.

Booking.com is rewarding affiliates that excel in their local market, and many of our customers do so. rapidbounce is proud to manage sought-after properties with high guest demand that those who end up visiting rave about. 

During the recent summer season, accumulatively more than 8.000 € were saved for 11 of our hospitality clients that exceeded high standards such as minimum targets on stayed nights.  Visitor influx in Greece peaks in the summer of course, therefore, it’s very commendable that three of our clients were accepted into the program for the Winter Season. Namely, we ought to congratulate : 

Other than the monetary benefits of the program, we should emphasize that it is a badge of honour to be selected since only high-rank properties get to participate in it. Though, how does a property manage to rank higher? Here are the two main boosters we like to use.

  • Implementing a mobile rate upgrades the quality of service for properties by reaching a growing audience of travellers who use their smartphones when researching or booking a trip. 
  • Activating the limited-time deal, which can be offered once every two weeks, results in higher visibility in search results for the area of the property for 48 hours upon activation.

Steering our clients towards the best possible direction and uncovering chances for growth that our competitors might miss, is what makes rapidbounce stand out.

We pride ourselves on being perceptive and resourceful, and we are grateful to be able to say that our reputation precedes us.

If you, also, would like to take your business to a higher level and boost performance, get in touch and let us work out the best possible digital solution for you and your business.

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