Antonia Toumasi - Booking Awards

10.08.22 | by Antonia 3 Min Read

Booking Awards

Hospitality Marketing

Nowadays, in the digital era we live in, one of the most important things in creating a successful business is the online presence, especially if the business belongs to the hospitality industry. Improving a hotel's online presence helps in attracting today's travelers.

Attractive photos of the hotel, correct details about the rooms, the information provided about what a traveler needs to know before booking a room, and the best value for money are enough for a traveler to proceed with the booking. But making a booking is only one thing in the whole experience.

Being honest about the things you are offering is the key to success. The vacation experience in the hotel must meet the traveler’s expectations in order to leave with a positive feeling. This will make the guests leave positive reviews on the booking channels. 

Having a good score in reviews is essential for Most travelers want a good vacation experience, and reading the reviews is the only way to understand if a hotel is trustworthy. Studies revealed that most bookers consider reviews important, that’s why they read 6-12 reviews before proceeding with a booking. In addition, if there is a choice, they will filter out the hotels with an average star rating below three.

Becoming successful in your field needs cooperation. That’s why we are so proud of our customers that scored high in the Traveler Review Awards for 2022. With the combination of an excellent online presence, a hospitable spirit, and doing the extra mile in guest service, they manage to stand out in the traveler’s reviews.

For example, Kalas Residence on Zakynthos island with 9.7 ratings and Aeolos Resort on Mykonos island with 9.6 ratings were characterized as superb by Both of the accommodations are having exceptional reviews by travelers not only because of the facilities they provided but also because of the excellent communication with the hosts and the guest service. 

Being a hotel/property owner is not that easy. You have to deal with a lot of different things and responsibilities. Making your guests happy should be the first priority, and the effort you make is reflected in the traveler’s reviews. 

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