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27.09.22 | by Artemis 4 Min Read

Επιτυχημένες Startups


Startups was a term unfamiliar to Greece until a few years ago, but now it is widely used! It is a brand-new type of entrepreneurship that emerged in the past decade and since then, it has attracted a rising number of ambitious individuals to participate in it.

Nowadays, startups are gaining more and more ground in business activity, raising the question: Is this the start of a new development path for our country?

The definition of a startup in today's economy is frequently unclear. However, a startup is commonly known as a business that starts with minimal financial and human resources at the beginning, but quickly expands and achieves exceptional levels of profits over time.

Innovation is by far the most critical aspect of the startup mindset! Inventive solutions that properly match an innovative business plan must be the foundation of a startup.

In 2022, the Greek entrepreneurial environment is thriving and has acquired significant momentum, which should be capitalized on and maintained. However, the growing number of new entrepreneurs is absolutely remarkable due to the diffusion of technology and knowledge. The innovative approaches of startups also contribute to the Greek economic landscape and bring a fresh air of renewal, due to the birth of new products and services as well as the transfer of invaluable knowledge.

A great idea is the initial step of starting a startup. The next step is market research, which helps to assess the idea's viability and reveal how the industry is currently responding to it. After conducting market research, the following step is to create a business plan that describes your organization's structure, objectives, goals, mission, and values.

Even though it can be challenging, starting a business can be very rewarding. Having a fantastic concept and attempting to promote it, might face a number of difficulties, including securing funding, hiring staff, marketing, handling legal issues, and controlling funds. But we should all keep in mind that startups might result in more fulfilling careers and the chance to make a permanent impact.

There is no doubt that Greece has become a significant center for technology-based startups. Some of the world's most successful ones reside there.
At rapidbounce, our team’s vision is to help businesses to focus on their customers' needs first. We undertake and consult on e-business. By taking care of their online presence, we help our partners from various industries, such as hospitality and tourism, sports, and retail, to be able to focus on satisfying their customers.

While our company has been in the business world for 12 years, our fundamental values have remained the same all these years. Our value proposition is to assist businesses to feel free to engage with their customers while we fully take care of their digital presence. We aim to provide a comprehensive product with all the options and information the user needs to run his business in a simplified way. In addition, our goal is for our clients to be able to make decisions based on data and to always be aware of all the indicators that are important to them in order to have smooth daily work. By covering the above requirements, our clients can reduce all complex problems and save time and substance with their customers.

After all these years of hard work, we are happy that the effort we make every day is recognized, and we are honored that our company is included in the list of 78 Most Valuable Startups in Greece.

Beyond just innovation, a successful startup path involves many other factors. It requires courage, taking risks, careful planning, control, hard work, and eventually, a determined and cohesive team. Every Greek startup entrepreneur can survive, grow, and thrive with ingenuity, flexibility, strategy, and patience, despite potential early failures.
Just dare to take the risk and innovate!

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